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About Us 

Officers 2022-2023 School Year

President: Erica DiBella, St. John's School
Co-Vice President: Christa Pryor, River Oaks Baptist School
Co-Vice President: Jane Martellino, River Oaks Baptist School
Treasurer: Erika Grove, St. Thomas Episcopal
Secretary:  Joan Lange, Annunciation Orthodox School

Webmaster: Pam Hill, The John Cooper School


Librarians from any independent school in the Houston area are invited to join our organization. Please print and fill out this MEMBERSHIP FORM and follow directions for submission and payment. Thanks so much for your interest in HAISLN.

After joining, please contact the HAISLN treasurer to be added to the Google Group.

About Our Reading Lists


This HAISLN Reading list of titles are compiled by our member librarians. Lists include both fiction and nonfiction books by some of the best authors for children and young adults. Books on this list are evaluated annually by grade-level committees.  Committee members rely on recommendations from standard, professionally prepared evaluation aids and on input from students and teachers, as well as the collective HAISLN expertise.  A conscious effort is made to appeal to the broad range of interests, maturity levels, and reading abilities of students. 

In most cases the number of books by any given author is limited to one or two per grade level list.  An older title with superior literary quality may remain on the list despite newer publications by the same author. Before reading a recommended author's book that does not appear on the student’s grade list, readers should be aware that authors often write for multiple interest and age levels. Books that are part of a series are also noted, but not all books in a series are appropriate at the indicated grade level.


Students may find that some titles that are required reading for their classes appear on this list.  Be advised that if a book for required reading is selected for independent reading, it may have to be re-read with the class at a later date. This list is offered as one possible source of reading guidance.  Additional lists of award winners and recommended books may be obtained from your school or public librarian. We hope that books from this list bring students many hours of enjoyment and encourage the life-long love of reading.

Our Member Libraries

Our membership includes librarians from across Houston. All independent school librarians in the Houston area are invited to join us. Please contact one of our officers if you have any questions. 

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